“be·spoke” adj, def:

  1. custom-made, tailored, commissioned to fit one person alone;
  2. connoting highest quality work, made to the buyer’s specifications
  3. describing luxurious, unique design by an exclusive artisan.


A well-composed home, designed with expertise and artistry, brings ease and beauty into our daily lives. It comforts and inspires.

We strive to create designs that remain resiliently beautiful. We believe that the mark of truly superior design is how delighted you are: not just the day we finish, but years later. We compose homes that welcome and entice – not just from the pages of a glossy magazine, but when you’re entertaining, lounging, or gliding through your busiest day.

Elegance creates ease. Style uplifts.
Luxury starts with listening.

Our design process begins and ends with you. We listen carefully to your vision: your specific needs and dream desires. We design your home for the way you live in it. From the way you entertain to how you work to your favorite throw pillow: we’ll draw out the nuances that make for truly great results.

Our inspiration comes from the people that make a house a home. Collecting great pieces isn’t enough: you must love them, and love how they work in your home. Our design philosophy is to reflect, express, and support you – beautifully.

We offer complete interior design service, from single rooms to full residences.

We’ll customize a plan to fit your project. Depending on your needs, we offer: space planning; furniture and paint selection; cabinetry design; consultation on existing furnishings; merchandise and furnishing procurement; art, antiques, and accessories procurement; construction specifications; and contract tendering.

It all starts with a phone call. After a brief chat, we’ll visit your home for an in-depth consultation, discussing your vision, lifestyle, and needs. We’ll pull favorite pieces from your collection for inspiration. We’ll take in your architecture and natural surroundings. We’ll discuss how you live and what you love.

Timeless elegance. Modern comfort. Personalized beauty.

From here, our process becomes a fluid, organic collaboration. On our second visit, we’ll bring samples for your review: paint chips, fabric swatches, tile samples, photos, and more. As the puzzle pieces fit together, you’re welcome to engage as much as you like: approve every nail or leave it in our capable hands.

Our timeframe and budget depend entirely upon the scope of your project, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. If you need quality subcontractors (plumbers, electricians, upholsterers, cabinetry artisans, or more) we have many a favorite to suggest.

Let us bridge beauty and function for your lifestyle.