Design is livable art. It unites vision and practice, elegance and function, idealism and individuality.


custom entryway by merigo

As a designer, I see the world through an uncommon lens. Slants of natural light inspire room compositions. Heirloom curios inspire complete color palettes. I can rearrange the contents of a room a dozen different ways, all in my mind.

My approach to design is part instinct, part artistic musing, and part hard-earned experience.


While some children learn to cook at their mother’s apronstrings, my mother’s keen eye guided my early education in design. Balance, harmony, and functional beauty are essential to how I view and interact with the world.
Design is how I breathe. I feel incredibly lucky to have a profession that’s also a passion.

For more than 12 years, I’ve collaborated with my mother Bonnye in interior design. I’m grateful for her worldly tutelage and generous encouragement.

My work provides a unique opportunity to connect with others: their tastes, loves, and habits. Careful listening and keen observation are the keystones of my process, as I believe your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle, not mine. By creating beauty, ease, and comfort in your home, I hope to encourage beauty, ease, and comfort in your entire life.

I’m inspired by nature’s rhythms, old architecture, and vintage fashion.

I’m a perfectionist for proportion and can eyeball when a painting is a millimeter askew. Textures and fabrics excite me. Colors thrill me. Finding unexpected ways to repurpose cherished pieces makes my day. The light in my clients’ smiles illuminates my path forward.

When I’m not designing, you can find me in deep conversations about history and politics, and making beautiful messes in my kitchen with my kids.

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